Rewritable paper notebook
Rewritable paper notebook

Rewritable paper notebook

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Cover material: PP
Cover color: black
Binding: spiral binding
Material: Environmentally friendly paper
Internal paper weight: 123 (g)
Paper size: B5/A5
Attached items: pen
Applicable gifts occasions: opening ceremony, employee benefits, awards commemoration, anniversary celebrations, business gifts
Specifications: A5, B5
Number of pages: A5/50 sheets, B5/30 sheets

The combination of tradition and technology, intelligent paper notebook App backup management, with water-soluble pen (hot erasable pen, grinding erasable pen) can be repeated writing and writing handwriting, business intelligence electronic notebook.
The highlights of the product: saving paper, waterproof and durable, with the erasable pen can be repeated writing about 500 times, made of environmentally friendly paper, smooth writing, re-use, automatic scanning, note enhancement, cloud backup, easy document management / view at any time .

NEWYES smart notebook, it is such a black technology to write fun!